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I am always looking to work with talented students and researchers all around the world from diverse backgrounds. Please read further and see if any of these categories fit the role you are looking to apply for.

Research Interest: My research seeks to augment human intelligence in everyday activities. I approach this by studying Data Visualization, Human-AI interactions, Augmented / Virtual Reality, and broadly Visual Computing. For instance, my recent work focuses on enhancing human-data and human-AI interactions in AR/VR environments, with applications in sports, biomedical, autonomous, education, and architecture. Ultimately, envisioning a future where technology and humans merge seamlessly, my research aims to bring Tony Stark's AR systemsimageimage to life.

How to contact: If our research interests align, it is highly probable that we will have a synergistic collaboration. To contact me, the best methods are:

  • to fill this form, and
  • to send me an Copyemail if you have something that cannot put into the form.
For more details, please read below:

If you are considering apply for a PhD at UMN

I am currently offering multiple fully funded PhD positions. To better understand if I could be your ideal PhD advisor, please refer to this FAQApologize that I haven't finished the FAQ yet. Plz directly send me email if you have any questions : ). If it feels like the right match, I encourage you to apply to the CSE department at UMN, express your interest in working with me in your application, and send me an email to let me know your application.

If you are looking for research oppurtunities

I always welcome motivated students, no matter whether you're aiming to gain research experience, complete your thesis, or contribute as a visiting PhD student or postdoc. Ideally, we should have a high quality paper when the project is finished.

Please fill the form provided above and directly email me to discuss potential projects or propose yours within our research focus. Extended visits over four months may even open up RAship opportunities.

If you are current UMN student

I am more than happy to involve students at UMN in conducting research and establishing my new lab. I will provide more details of how to work with me when it gets closer to Jan 24, 2024. But please don't hesitate to email me directly if you have anything in mind.


The University of Minnesota Twin Cities (UMN) is ranked among the top ten public research institutions in the United States, distinguished by world-class academics, state-of-the-art facilities, award-winning faculty, and an esteemed alumni network that includes 30 Nobel Laureates. UMN stands 44th in the 2022 Academic Ranking of World Universities, and 57th in the 2023 U.S. News Best Global Universities. Furthermore, our CS program ranks 34th in the 2023 U.S. News Best CS Program.

Particularly relevant to my research area, CSE@UMN has a strong VIS/VR/HCI group, under the umbrella of Human-Centered Computing, as well as a strong robotics group. The medical and architecture school is just cross the stree from the CSE building, presenting an ideal environment for interdisciplinary research endeavors.

In terms of live, the campus is located in the heart of the Minneapolis-Saint Paul (twin cities) metropolitan area, which are incredibly diverse cities with vibrant neighborhoods, award-winning parks and recreation opportunities, exciting professional sports teams, renowned restaurants, and a strong business climate — with 16 Fortune 500 companies and many of the nation's largest companies (e.g., Target, 3M, UnitedHealthGroup, Mayo Clinic) headquartered here.