My name is Zhutian Chen (陈竹天), currently a Ph.D. candidate at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. I’m a member of HKUST VisLab, supervised by Prof. Qu Huamin. I received my bachelor degree from South China University of Technology in 2015, where I worked in CIKE group as an undergraduate research assistant advised by Prof. Yi Cai.

My research interests are in Information Visualization, Human-Computer Interaction, and Augmented Reality. Specifically, I have been working on tools and techniques to help non-experts to create and interact with visualizations in AR environments.

I love little cats and big dogs.


Dec. 2019 Our paper on augmenting static visualization using AR is accepted by CHI 2020 @ Hawaii, US!
Sep. 2019 I visited Dr.Benjamin Bach @ the University of Edinburgh, UK.
Jul. 2019 Our paper on automating infographics design is accepted by VIS 2019 @ Vancouver, Canda!
Jul. 2019 Our paper on supporting 3D point clouds selection is accepted by VIS 2019 @ Vancouver, Canda!
Jan. 2019 Our paper on authoring glyph-based infographics in Mobile AR is accepted by TVCG. It will be presented at VIS 2019 @ Vancouver, Canda!
Oct. 2018 I present our paper on visually exploring social streams at VIS 2018 @ Berlin, Germany!


Augmenting Static Visualizations with PapARVis Designer

Zhutian Chen, Wai Tong, Qianwen Wang, Benjamin Bach, and Huamin Qu.

ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI), 2020

Towards Automated Infographic Design: Deep Learning-based Auto-Extraction of Extensible Timeline

Zhutian Chen, Yun Wang, Qianwen Wang, Yong Wang, and Huamin Qu.

IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (InfoVis), 2019

LassoNet: Deep Lasso-Selection of 3D Point Clouds

Zhutian Chen, Wei Zeng, Zhiguang Yang, Lingyun Yu, Chi-Wing Fu, and Huamin Qu.

IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (SciVis), 2019

MARVisT: Authoring Glyph-based Visualization in Mobile Augmented Reality

Zhutian Chen, Yijia Su, Yifang Wang, Qianwen Wang, Huamin Qu, Yingcai Wu.

IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (TVCG), 2018

Exploring the Design Space of Immersive Urban Analytics

Zhutian Chen, Yifang Wang, Tianchen Sun, Xiang Gao, Wei Chen, Zhigeng Pan, Huamin Qu, Yingcai Wu.

Visual Informatics, 2017

StreamExplorer: A Multi-Stage System for Visually Exploring Events in Social Streams

Yingcai Wu, Zhutian Chen, Guodao Sun, Xiao Xie, Nan Cao, Shixia Liu, Weiwei Cui.

IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (TVCG), 2017

Immersive Urban Analytics through Exploded Views

Zhutian Chen, Huamin Qu, Yingcai Wu.

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Animated Narrative Visualization for Video Clickstream Data

Yun Wang, Zhutian Chen, Quan Li, Xiaojuan Ma, Qiong Luo, Huamin Qu.

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Blossom: Design of a Tangible Interface for Improving Intergenerational Communication for the Elderly

Mingqian Zhao, Zhutian Chen, Ke Lu, Chaoran Li, Huamin Qu, Xiaojuan Ma.

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STAC: Enhancing Stacked Graphs for Time Series Analysis

Yun Wang, Tongshuang Wu, Zhutian Chen, Qiong Luo, Huamin Qu.

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Awards and Honors

2019HKUST Overseas Research Award
2016First Prize of the Design Thinking CAA-HKUST
2015 - 2019 Hong Kong PhD Fellowship (HKPFS) 2015/16 awardees
2013 - 2014 The Top 10 Leading Students at SCUT (the highest honor in SCUT)
2013 - 2014 National Scholarship again
2014.04 Meritorious Winner of Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling (ICM)
2013 - 2014 Tencent Technology Excellence Scholarship
2012 - 2013National Scholarship
2013.05First Prizer of the 4th "Blue Bridge Cup" Design Contest Gruangdong Province Round
2011 - 2012 National Scholarship for Encouragement